Prevention, intervention & ending exploitation! San Antonio, Texas


I have seen so many posts on helping the people of Sutherland, Texas and an outpouring of communities and churches helping those who are grieving. And for that I am grateful. We send our deepest condolences to our friends who have been affected by this horrible, senseless act of violence. As the Founder and Executive Director of a Non Profit who reaches out to the broken and hurting in our community it reminds me that the people we serve are so vulnerable. With the Holidays approaching and Facebook reminding me of the tragedies our ministry has seen in the last few years.
One of our girls we were mentoring was shot and killed trying to protect her friend from being shot by her boyfriend.
A young, beautiful Mom of 6 children who loved God will all her heart but was caught up in a really bad situation she was trying so hard to undo.
Then a 26-year-old Mom of 5 beautiful children committed suicide, another overdosed.
When these calls come in from our managers, owners or house Moms, it is heart breaking! Violence, depression, mental health issues and addiction run deep in the veins of the sex industry. Usually loneliness, boredom and depression are what led both parties to go into the clubs. On our last outreach I had a customer approach me as he heard me tell a waitress why we come in, as I was giving her a gift.
After I was done sharing, he leaned over and said, what about me? Do you do anything for the guys who come in here? I came in tonight cause I’m lonely. We need help too! I know he was half-joking but he’s right! The men who frequent the clubs struggle with real, authentic relationships and are loners. Just like the guy who shot up the church in Sutherland. We see them there all the time. The regulars. Someone who just needs someone to talk to. To feel human instead of sitting behind a computer screen all day. So I want to challenge you to find someone you know who isolates and struggles to have relationship and take them out for coffee, a movie, quality time. And start to make it a habit. Not only will it help the one struggling but it too will help you.
And if you’re wanting to invest in something that really goes after the broken and builds community around them and helps them find their voice, their passion and the destiny then please consider a donation to the NSA Girls. Right here in San Antonio we are shifting culture one person at a time and one coffee cup at a time and little by little we are watching men and women grow and reach their potential! is where you can donate any amount helps! Thank you in advance for your generosity as you each sew into the seeds of this ministry to bring hope and love to a hurting community.

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