Strip Club Story

Our network we are under Strip Church Network loves to get updates and stories from Outreach night. This is one I submitted today! God sees you, he knows you, your not hiding from Him!! Trust me He knows every detail of our hearts and lives.  

Story submission…
One of our favorite things is when we meet a dancer that has a scripture of a tattoo. Last outreach we met a young girl with a tattoo of Matthew 28:20 and her name was biblical. The scripture read, “I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
She was so excited to meet us and know we visit the clubs. Her tattoo brought up great conversation and allowed us to know why she chose that scripture and to find out more about her upbringing etc.. to begin a friendship with her. She was so taken back that we visited the clubs and now she knows she isn’t alone and God sees her right where she’s at! He really is with her always! How cool is that!
Lisa Michelle

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