Why tonight?

It was a  late Saturday night with 8 of us girls on the outreach team. We were at our last strip club  when we were in the dressing room reaching out to the girls working that night. I noticed one of our friends off in the distance looking at her phone and not acknowledging us. She is usually very friendly and engaging. But I instantly sensed something wasn’t right. I walked over and stood real close to her, not saying a word as she wouldn’t look up from her phone. Letting her know that I was there but giving her time to say something, if she felt like it. It was only a few minutes after, she looked up at me and said. “why tonight”? Why did you guys have to come in tonight, as tears started to well in her eyes. I said, why not tonight, we care and want you to know you have value and you are loved. She said, this isn’t me, what am I doing her, I have morals? Why do I do this to myself? I reached in and started to hug her and cry with her. I listened as she poured out her gut wrenching, soul searching ways. I reaffirmed her, this is why we come in. For someone like you, that decide to move on from the sex industry and have no other way. “You know 89% of women that work in the sex industry say they want out but they have no others means.” And we see this time after time. It’s the biggest need yet. I urged her to meet up for coffee and chat and get to know each other better. We exchanged numbers and I asked if I could pray with her. She said, yes of course, so I began to pray with her. Right when I was done praying, the manager came in and saw us and said is everything ok here. And she proceeded to tell him that she doesn’t want to work there anymore and needs a shot now!! He reached into her and said, you know alcohol isn’t going to solve the problem, right? It’s just going to make things worse. And then he said something like, listen to this girl, I love them and their here for you. I smiled at him and thanked him. This Royal was getting ready to go on stage, she was having regrets and needed alcohol to get the courage to go. Usually she was with her group of girlfriends but this night she was alone. Most likely needing the money and feeling trapped. Not having her friends around to help her forget the pain and regret of what she does.

I’ve been in this ministry for about 6 years now and it’s not common to have a young girl break down like this when we come in. Yes, it has happened several times in the past few years but sometimes the power of God hits these girls so much, they feel overwhelmed by their position in life. I’ve heard things like, why do you girls keep coming back, it’s been 3 years now and you show up every month! Almost annoyed. Like, who does that! I’ve seen my team show up with the flu (not recommended) :), shingles (really not recommended), no sleep from the night before, straight from working all day to outreach, to you name it. Consistency and love are our secret weapons that these girls need in their lives. Even if it’s all they ever get from us, they will know someone cared and they know, that someone, is Jesus, who we love for and from. And I believe someday they will seek out that kind of love that only a savior can give. Lisa Michelle